Frequently Asked Qusetions
  • Do I need to make an appointment to visit Epiphany?
    That’s better. We would be happy to set up an appointment and pre-arrange a selection of jewelry to show you based on your particular needs.
  • Why do Epiphany Jewelry sparkle so much?
    Before a diamond can become a Epiphany diamond, it must pass strict quality assurance criteria that go far beyond the Four Cs. Our expert team of gemologists evaluates diamonds differently—taking into consideration not only whether a diamond looks good on paper, but whether it meets Epiphany visual standards for beauty and brilliance. Two diamonds can have the same Four C characteristics, but if one has not been cut well, they will not sparkle equally. Our gemologists choose diamonds according to a more complex set of criteria, including a high level of connoisseurship which cannot be translated into any gemological report.
  • What is more important—color or clarity?
    The importance of color versus clarity comes down to personal preference. Epiphany only carries diamonds that are F color or greater color and VS1 clarity or greater clarity. These high standards ensure that jewelry you see in Epiphany will feature a diamond of truly excellent beauty and brilliance. Please see our guide on How to Choose a Ring for more information.
  • Why is there no A, B, C in the color grading system?.
    In 1953, the Gemological Institute of America introduced what is now the industry standard grading scale for colorless diamonds, grading them on a color scale from D to Z and a clarity scale from Flawless to I3. At the time the new grading system was introduced, several grading classifications were used that employed numbers, letters and descriptive words. This caused confusion when comparing two diamonds that had been graded with different nomenclatures. D was agreed upon as a starting point to differentiate from the previous systems.EN
  • What diamond cuttings does Epiphany carry?.
    Epiphany carries Belgium Cutting diamonds.
  • Does Epiphany offer certificates for our diamonds?
    Yes. Every diamond for 0.30 carat and above is accompanied by an original diamond report from the Diamond Laboratories; GIA, HRD or IGI.
  • Where do Epiphany diamonds come from?
    The diamonds in Epiphany jewelry are purchased from global sources that adhere to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme and The System of Warranties, which are the industry standards governing the purchase of diamonds from non-conflict areas.
  • Will Epiphany create custom designed jewelry?
    Yes. Provided your request is in keeping with the Epiphany design aesthetic, we will be happy to work with you to bring your dream jewelry to life.
  • Will Epiphany create a mounting for my own diamond?
    Yes. But customers should send us the diamond to fix on the jewelry.
  • What happens if my fiancée does not like the Jewelry I chose?
    As long as you want to make the change within 15 days (and the ring has not been worn), we would be happy to help you select a better choice.
  • Does Epiphany offer engraving services?
    Wording engraving is available for merchandise with sufficient space for engraving.
  • Does Epiphany buy back jewelry if I would like to purchase a larger jewelry?
    We work with each client individually if they decide they would like to upgrade or sell their diamond with estimated loss 20%. It is our goal to continue a relationship with our clients as their jewelry tastes and needs grow and evolve.
  • How do I order Epiphany jewelry?
    You can email to us at Epiphany@studiousgems.comto order the jewelry. If you would like to visit our showroom, we encourage you to come and visit us to experience Epiphany showroom in person. We would be happy to set up an appointment with you.
  • How do I care our jewelry?
    Diamonds - Dust, pollution and daily wear all conspire to cloud the brilliance of a gemstone and dull the surface of platinum and gold. Epiphany suggests that your ring receive periodic professional maintenance. Our trained artisans will check that the setting is adequately securing your stones and give your ring a thorough cleaning. Between professional cleanings, Epiphany recommends the occasional use of a nonabrasive cleaner for diamond jewelry. A mild solution of six parts water to one part ammonia may be applied with a soft bristle brush. Jewelry with stones other than diamonds may need other care.
    Pearls - Cultured pearls should be kept free of perfumes, cosmetics, perspiration and dirt. You may gently wipe cultured pearls with a slightly damp cloth.
  • How can I get an item repaired?
    We repair items made by Epiphany. Please contact and send us your item together with jewelry certificate.
  • What is the Epiphany Certificate & Lifetime Warranty?EN
    The Epiphany Certificate and Warranty provides reassurance for today and many years from now.
  • What is the difference between a ring from Epiphany and one from another jeweler?
    Epiphany emphasizes quality rather than quantity. Our rigorous standards for diamond grading ensure that every aspect of Epiphany Jewelry is the absolute finest available in quality and workmanship.